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Pipe Vision Australia has been providing pipe inspection and pipe location services to Councils, plumbers, civil contractors, engineers, private contractors, and homeowners for over 10 years. Based in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, our work is concentrated in the South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales region. We are willing and able to provide our broad range of services in other areas throughout Australia.


Pipe Vision Australia uses the latest equipment to allow us to locate sewer and stormwater pipes accurately and easily. There are a number of reasons we need to know exact pipe locations.

Whether it is to be able to dig around them confidently, or to know exactly where to access a problem in the pipe.
The most common way to accurately locate underground pipe locations is with a Sonde.
A Sonde is a small radiating unit (a transmitter) which is sent down a pipe attached to our high tech CCTV pipe inspection camera and the precise trouble spot in the pipe is located by the receiver, above ground. Mapping a line can be accomplished by moving the transmitter a few feet at a time and marking the locations on the ground.
So, simply put, Pipe Vision Australia CCTV pipeline inspection systems are able to provide accurate pipe locations without digging. Pipe Vision Australia has the latest CCTV equipment on hand, with accurate  built in sonde transmitters, which allows our team to track the camera on the surface as it moves through the pipe, allowing us to record exact pipe locations.
Locating and exposing buried nodes or pipe defects can be done accurately and without digging – with the assistance of the built in sonde.


Pipe Vision Australia Pty Ltd have their head office at Burleigh Heads on the beautiful Gold Coast, and worksites in both Queensland and New South Wales.

Our service areas include:

  • Northern New South Wales
  • Gold Coast
  • Gold Coast Hinterland
  • Brisbane
  • Northern Brisbane
  • Sunshine Coast
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