Pre and Post Construction Pipe Inspections – Covering Your Back When Building

Pre and Post Construction Pipe Inspections – Covering Your Back When Building

One thing people sometimes forget when deciding on building a non-habitable structure such as a carport or shed, is the Council owned infrastructure of sewerage and water pipes that lay underground. Ignoring these can prove to be very costly if any damage is done during the new building construction, which is why it is necessary to have all existing pipes on your property inspected by a professional CCTV pipe inspection company.

Pipes are an important part of the infrastructure in our cities and suburbs. Underneath the suburban blocks are a labyrinth of pipes used for things such as removing stormwater and sewerage waste from the home or dwelling. Causing damage to this infrastructure can not only cause major problems for yourself and your immediate neighbours but can result in a costly repair or replacement that the local council will charge you for.

To cover yourself it’s always best to get a professional pre-construction pipe inspection as well as a post-construction pipe inspection. At Pipe Vision we have almost two decades’ experience in the plumbing and draining industry as a systems investigator. We use the latest innovation in CCTV pipe inspections to accurately inspect all pipes before the building begins and then once again after the completion. This information is presented to the council in order to prove that the post-building condition of the pipes were not damaged or compromised in any way from the pre-building condition.

Our CCTV pipe inspection system has high compatibility with a robust design. Its wide selection of pan and tilt head inspection cameras allow us to inspect pipes with diameters ranging from 100mm to 2000mm.

Don’t risk putting up a new shed or carport on your Gold Coast or Brisbane property without first calling us at Pipe Vision. Phone us on 0418 152 309 to talk to us about a pre-construction and post-construction CCTV pipe inspection. We offer a professional inspection using the latest technology and state of the art equipment.