Pre-purchase inspections and CCTV

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Pre-purchase inspections and CCTV

Buying a home can be fraught with danger if the purchaser does not have a pest and building inspection or a pre-purchase drain inspection done.

Just as a pest and building inspection can reveal termite infestations and structural defects in the home, saving the potential homeowner thousands of dollars, pre-purchase drain inspections can also save a lot of stress and expense if the condition of the pipes are not what the purchaser thought.

With the drainage infrastructure largely underground and underneath the house, any blockages or damage to the pipes will remain largely unseen. Only a professional pipe inspection company can really determine what is going on underground.

Pipe Vision Australia based on the Gold Coast have the perfect solution to give purchasers peace of mind during the pre-purchase stage. Using our state of the art CCTV pipe inspection cameras we can inspect the home’s underground pipes for damage caused by:

  • Tree roots
  • Cracks
  • Blockages

Damage to pipes can occur during the construction stage in new homes and also well after the construction stage in older homes. Without a CCTV pipe inspection from Pipe Vision Australia you are blindly hoping the homes pipes are all in order.

Pipe Vision Australia’s CCTV pipe inspection will also come with a professional, clear and concise report detailing any areas of concern along with photographs or video. This could potentially save the purchaser thousand of dollars in costly pipe repairs.

Call Pipe Vision Australia today to arrange your pre purchase drain inspection today using our CCTV pipe inspection cameras. We service Northern New South Wales, Gold Coast, Gold Coast Hinterland, Brisbane, Northern Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

There is nothing worth more than piece of mind when you are purchasing your largest asset!